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Welcome to Trademark MENA!

Trademark Mena, a brand of Farahat & Co. is a reputable trademark registration firm in Dubai, UAE. Farahat & Co. offers its customers high-quality professional trademark, patent and logo registration services In Dubai, United Arab Emirates. At Farahat & Co., we have in-house attorneys who are knowledgeable in the methodology required for trademark and intellectual properties registration in Dubai and in other Middle East and North African countries for over 3 decades.

Our values being reliability & Accuracy, many of our clients are long term and we are able to oversee the growth of their business from mere ideas on a notepad through to the formation of a successful establishment.

How It Works

We'll help take the pain out of registering your trademark.

Initial Search

We will apply on your behalf, requesting for the initial search for the targeted trademark registration. Application is submitted to the concerned authorities requesting for initial search for the targeted Trademark.

Search Result

If the search result is negative, it means that the Trademark is registered by none.

Deposit The Documents

Further, we will deposit the documents along with an application for your Trademark registration.

Documens Examination Process

After the deposition and application, the trademark will be examined by the concerned authorities.


The result of the examination will be announced in 6-9 months approximately.

Fee Submission to Authorities

If there isn't any opposition made by third parties, the complete payment of fees should be made in a month's time. Confirming to that, you will receive a certificate of Trademark registration from the authorities. In case of oppositions raised by third parties, the applicant has a month's time to file an appeal. This shall be discussed in detail during the process.

What Can You Trademark?

Common things you CAN trademark:


Since a company's name is its identity, it can be trademarked. Its line of products and sub-entities may also be trademarked for all their intents and purposes of sales and marketing in the public domain.

Logo / Insignia

A creative visual representation of a company is significant in embedding an image in the minds of its clientele and its customers. Brand recognition is vital and therefore, logos can be trademarked.

Motto / Slogan

The essence of a company is also captured in its slogan or motto and becomes an integral part of the brand.

Common things you CANNOT trademark:

Concepts / Ideas
Inventions and innovative ideas cannot be protected by trademarking as they can be secured by patents to prevent copyright infringement.
Intellectual Properties

Creative work by authors, musicians and other artists are not eligible Trademarks and can be protected by copyrights.


As an invention for a business or any organization, the component can only be copyrighted. However, the name of the software and its insignia can be trademarked.

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